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Bioinformatics Service INFOBIOMED

Olivier CROCE, Engineer, IR1 CNRS

The service is double. It manages common IT resources (platforms, calculation servers, storage servers,...). It also offers bio-informatics analyses. Our offices are located on the fifth floor of the Pasteur Tower: a common office for bioinformaticians (engineers or students), an office with genomics where Erwan is located for IT assistance and the office of Olivier Croce, the department manager.

The service offers :

  • Data analysis, in particular NGS (next generation sequencing) data analysis

1) Preparation of NGS data: quality test, trimming, sample consistency (PCA, k-mers trees), formatting files, contamination test, duplicates removing

2) First level analysis: genes list, differential expression, statistics

3) More in-depth analysis: study of pathways (Kegg, Panther, IPA,...), inter-experimental comparisons, cross-referencing with other sources (public or private data), etc. Participation in the writing of scientific articles.

  • Advice or occasional help. This may include methodological discussions on a project requiring bioinformatics, assessment of means and resources required, and possibly a referral to external expertise.
  • The provision of user accounts with access to bioinformatics programs, either commercial (IPA) or open source / free (180 softwares available!) and associated infrastructure. Access to team storage and the IRCAN Intranet.


  • Mentoring students or staff and collaboration
  • Support of the service (resources, office - if available -, supervision) for a student (Master, phD) or bioinformatics CDD, dedicated to the team's project
  • Internal projects within the service Examples of current projects: study of RNA-Seq analysis discrepancies according to the chosen reference (genome or transcriptome); pattern search and signature comparison in WGS sets with pipeline development (multiCPU and GPU)



Facilities & Services