• European Patent - EP 21306670.7 - 2021

     Derivatives of Nifuroxazide for use in the treatment of mitochondrial disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. 


  • SQSTM1 and its use in cancer therapy

    Nathalie YAZBECK, Amine BELAID, Grégoire D’ANDREA, Iris GROSJEAN, Paul HOFMAN, Baharia MOGRABI

  • Method for identifying gene products involved in incomplete response of drug sensitive cell populations

    Jérémie Roux Agnès Paquet Mickael Meyer Luis Pereira

  • Process for multi-analyses of rare cells extracted or isolated from biological samples through filtration

    Sophie LAGET, Patrizia Paterlini-Brechot, Paul Hofman, Thierry CAPIOD

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  • Know-how DSO2019003244

    The know-how DSO2019003244 is protected by an "envelope Soleau" / INPI

    Inventors: Stéphanie Barnay-Verdier, Paola Furla

  • Know-how DSO2019013787

    The know-how DSO2019013787, concerning a strategy for the identification of marine bioactive compounds, is protected by an "envelope Soleau" / INPI

    Inventor: Eric Röttinger

  • P2rx7 modulators in therapy

    Valérie Vouret Laetitia Douguet Alina Ghinet Germain Homerin Benoît Guy Marie Rigo Davy Jérémy Baudelet Xavier Dezitter Régis Millet Christophe Furman

  • Methods and compositions for treating skin afflictions

    Inventor: Chloé Féral, Floriane Tissot, Laurence Cailleteau, Soline Estrach

    Date de dépôt : 02 May 2018

    Numéro de dépôt : EP18170458.6

  • Control of cell-type specific enhancer function

    to be filed

  • The TRF2-SIRT3 axis in aging : methods and compositions for treating degenerative muscular and/or neurological conditions or diseases

    Inventor: Eric Gilson

    Numéro de dépôt (déposés le 27 Mars 2017): EP17305352.1 et EP17305351.3


  • Method for determining responsiveness to vandetanib in a patient suffering from medullary thyroid carcinoma

    Brest P (Co-PI), Lassalle S, Zangari J, Mari B, Hofman P(Co-PI)


  • Tumoral Deconvolution

    Malot C, Brest P


  • Method and kit for reprogramming somatic cells -

    Inventors: Dmitry Bulavin, Doria FILIPPONI

    Patent ID: WO 2016142427A1

  • Methods for diagnosing and treating a pathology associated with a synonymous mutation occurring within a gene of interest.

     Principal inventors: Brest P (PI),. P. Hofman, B. Mograbi



  • A novel methodology to predict the response to HER2 bloking agent treatment in cancer

    Gilles Pages

    Patent ID:  FR1155128



  • Method for determining a predisposition to basal cell carcinoma and for screening treatments thereof

    Alexandre Valin, Thierry Magnaldo

    Patent ID: WO 2010015618 A1

  • Method for determining the efficiency of a cancer treatment

    Patrick Brest, Paul Hofman, Baharia Mograbi

    Patent ID: WO 2011067346 A1

  • Polynucleotide insulators derived from the element D4Z4 and their uses in transgenesis

    Inventors: Magdinier Frederique, Eric Gilson, Alexandre Ottaviani, Gervier Rival Sylvie

    Patent ID: FR2919616