Scientific Advisory Board

To ensure the excellence of IRCAN research, our institute benefits from the advice of a strong, international Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), composed of the following members:


Jean-Marc EGLY, Chairman (Strasbourg - FRA). Member of the Academy of Sciences

Bruno AMATI (Milan - ITA)

Jens BRUENING (Cologne - GER)

Christine CHOMIENNE (Paris - FRA, Inserm representative)

Laurent COUNILLON (Nice - FRA, UNS representative)

Jean-Marc FERRERO (Nice - FRA, CAL representative)

Thomas KRIEG (Cologne - GER)

Yvan de LAUNOIT (Paris - FRA, CNRS representative)

Tomas LINDAHL (London- UK). 2015 Chemistry Nobel Prize

Thierry PASSERON (Nice - FRA)

Lenhard RUDOLPH (Jena - GER)

Hugues de THE (Paris - FRA). Collège de France, Member of the Academy of Sciences