Research project

Stress Response and Oncogenesis

Dmitry BULAVIN, Director of IRCAN, Research Director, DR1 Inserm

Understanding the mechanisms underlying the behavior of stem cells and their implications in tumorigenesis and ageing are of great importance and paramount to the design of more effective treatments for human diseases. In many, if not all instances, in vivo interrogation of stem cells is linked to the lineage tracing protocols, which, in turn, depends on the identification of appropriate stem cell markers. We recently identified several such markers, including Wip1 phosphatase. Wip1 phosphatase is a member of PP2C family of phosphatases and is highly abundant in neural progenitors and intestinal stem cells. Functionally, Wip1 is a negative regulator of p38 MAPK and ATM-dependent signaling pathways, both of which play critical roles in regulating tumorigenesis and ageing. Using our recently developped tools and acquired knowledge, we emphasize the role of stem cells in regulation of tumorigenesis and ageing with particular interest in stress and DNA damage signaling kinases p38 MAPK and ATM as well as phosphatases, Wip1 and PP2A.

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