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Tumor-Stroma Crosstalk in Invasive Cancer

Cedric GAGGIOLI, Research Director, DR2 Inserm

In primary tumors, cancer cells are immersed in a complex microenvironment network comprising numerous cells, including carcinoma associated fibroblasts (CAF). Tumor-stroma crosstalk plays a major role in carcinoma development and invasion. We have previously demonstrated the crucial role of Janus Kinase dependent signaling pathway, in CAF cells, for matrix remodeling and tracks formation for cancer cells to invade. However, how “normal” resident fibroblasts are converted into pro-invasive CAF cells remains an open question. Malignant cells themselves promotes carcinogenesis through cytokines and growth factors secretion that influence stroma cells behaviour, which in return influence carcinoma cells invasion and malignancy. In line with our previous research, we aim at uncovered signaling pathways and molecules that govern stromal fibroblasts and carcinoma cells crosstalk during invasion, which could lead to the identification of therapeutic target for aggressive and metastatic cancer.

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