Facilities & Services

Since its inauguration in 2012, the IRCAN has focused on establishing and managing state-of-the-art Technical Core Facilities aimed to significantly contribute and facilitate ambitious research projects and to support educational activities. In line with the IRCANs mission to play an important role in catalysing high quality scientific research, our Technical Core Facilities are open to internal as well as external (academic or industrial) research groups. These IRCAN Technical Core Facilities are lead and run by highly trained technical personnel and by ad hoc committees that include representatives of all Medical School laboratories. 

Each Technical Core Facility is run by one or several scientific and technical responsible(s). They are furthermore supported by the IRCAN administrative staff and by a user committee that together ensures high quality data output and/or user satisfaction. In addition to these Technical Core Facilities, the IRCAN manages internal Common Services that are crucial for the sustainability and development of the IRCAN research, the data analysis and transfert, the health and security of the agents as well as the relationships with the public, private and international partners.


To meet the expectations of highest quality research in an optimized and secure environment, and assure the sustainability and development of the IRCAN, we have set up internal Common Services that support the Technical Core Facilities, the Research teams and all IRCAN members in various tasks. This includes the administrative tasks, access to routine consumables, the data storage, transfer and analysis, technical know-how, the health and security of the agents as well as the relationships with the public, private and international partners.


With the support of our supervising bodies and partners, we're continuously developing and optimizing these services to meet the highest standards and carry out high quality scientific research and publications.

The establishment of out state-of-the-art Technical Core Facilities and Common Services was made feasible thanks to the implication of dedicated IRCAN personnel and the generous support from the University of Nice, the INSERM, the CNRS, ARC, IBISA, Canceropole PACA, the Ville de Nice, the departement Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the region PACA as well as the European Commission. 

Facilities & Services