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Health Radioprotection and Security

Sabine SCARZELLO, Logistic & Maintenance, IEHC CNRS

The Prevention of professional risks and Radiation protection to ensure the health and safety for all IRCAN agents is an important aspect of our Institute.

Missions of the health and safety officers :

- Advise the director and employees on professional risks
- Assist in the implementation of procedures and instructions concerning the risks present in laboratories
- Relay of the central prevention services: prevention advisor, profesional medicine...
- Ensure that the health and safety register is properly maintained

Missions of the Radiation Protection Competent Person (PCR):

- Zoning of handling laboratories
- Specific training for manipulators at the workplace
- Monitoring of medical ability and dosimetry
- Monthly technical controls


An incident? An accident risk? A suggestion for improving working conditions?

Please use the following link to complete the "Occupational health and safety registry" directly from your smartphone or computer. 


Facilities & Services