Subventions & Récompenses

Population genomics and complex traits

Gianni LITI, Research Director, DR1 CNRS

Title:                           Evolutionary innovation through Gain of Novel Genes

Acronym - number:     GoNG

Grant funder:              ANR Programme Blanc

Period:                        October 2018 – September 2022

Role:                           Coordinator

Partners:                     Fischer G (UPMC, Paris), Beltrao P (EBI, Cambridge)


Title:                           Revealing the role of cell volume in adaptation

Acronym - number:     eVOLve

Grant funder:              ANR Programme Blanc

Period:                        November 2018 – October 2022

Role:                           Participant

Partners:                     Coudreuse D (CNRS, Rennes)


Title:                           Predicting cell-cell horizontal transmission of antibiotics resistance from genome and phenome

Acronym - number:     TransPred

Grant funder:              Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPIAMR) - EU

Period:                        January 2017 – June 2020

Role:                           Participant

Partners:                     Warringer J (University of Gothenburg), Moore E (University of Gothenburg), Parts L (Sanger Institute), Michiels J (University of Leuven)


Title:                           Genomic and phenotypic variation of yeast hybrids through meiotic reversion: ubiquity, mechanisms and applications

Acronym - number:     N° 2016/0582

Grant funder:              CIFRE

Period:                        January 2017 – December 2019

Role:                           Coordinator

Partner:                       Meiogenix (


Title:                           Understanding the interplay between genomic Structural Variations and Phenotypes using the yeast model

Acronym - number:     PhenoVar - ANR-16-CE12-0019

Grant funder:              ANR Programme Blanc

Period:                        October 2016 – September 2020

Role:                           Participant

Partners:                     Fischer G (UPMC), Schacherer J (University of Strasbourg)

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