Monday, 20 June 2022 08:23

News: "Succeeding with science" - Cordée de la Réussite program

In 2022, IRCAN was involved in the project "Succeeding with science" - Cordée de la Réussite program organised by Université Cote d'Azur. The goal of this program is to introduce the filed of scientific research and carrier opportunities to high school students from areas with limited exposure to these topics. The objective is to support students in their success, to improve their self-confidence and their autonomy. 

The themes proposed by the researchers from the partner institutes (IRCAN, IBV and C3M) were developed to promote curiosity and reflection while explaining the different stages of the scientific method. The interventions of the researchers allowed students to discover cells, the organization of tissues and the function of organs. Cellular diversity, complexity and fragility (cell dysfunctions, disease onset process) were also be addressed. At the end of the program, a visit to the laboratory provided to the students a better understanding of the daily life of a research team.
On February 2nd, Aurélien DOUCET and Rita ANDREONI came to the high school for an in-class session. (see tweet)
On May 19th, the students visited the IRCAN and participated to workshops led by Sabrina PISANO, Soline ESTRACH, Etienne BOULTER, Marina SHKRELI, Nicolas SOUBEIRAN, Tynhinane HAMIDOUCHE, Rita ANDREONI, Clara FRICANO, Enora LECORGNE and Caroline CALO. (see tweet)

Find here the article published in the Inserm PACAC newsletter where you'll find all the information on this program, led by Aurélien DOUCET for the IRCAN, and below the article published in the Mag Santé of Nice Matin on June 12.