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IRCAN's scientific goals

When the data on epidemiology and pathophysiology are analyzed, aging is usually perceived as a process that results from the combined influence of constitutional or so-called « genetic » factors, life-style associated factors and external events. Gerontobiology looks into all the specific medical and biological features of aging on the scale of the human body and develops concepts such as « harmonious » aging, « vulnerable » and « hypercatabolic » states, illustrating the highly heterogeneous characteristics of the aging process. The extreme heterogeneity of aging can be illustrated for a given age by a residual life-expectancy that varies considerably from one individual to another and by the onset, or not, of degenerative disorders, especially cardiovascular and neurological diseases, bone and joint disorders, diabetes and also neoplasms, pathologies in which constitutional determinants and other external factors play a role as they do in aging. [Read more...]



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May 2016 : Pr Eric Gilsons’ team is coordinating the “stress/télomère” study of the next TARA-PACIFIC expedition

The scientific schonner Tara will leave its home port in Lorient,  France, on May 28th, 2016, for a new scientific expedition in the asian and pacific area.

It will cross the pacific ocean over almost 100 000 km during more than 2 years with a interdisciplinary scientific team on its board, coordinated by the CNRS and the Scientific Centre of Monaco (CSM). Their aim is to study in an unprecedented way the coral reefs biodiversity and their evolution facing the climat change and the anthropogenic pressures. This adventure is sponsored by the CNRS, PSL, CEA, CSM and many other private and publics sponsors.

Mrs Estelle LECOINTE, President of the INFOSARCOMES patient association, will come to visit the IRCAN on Friday April 29th, 2016. Pr Florence Pedeutour will welcome the President and some patients at 13.30 and after a presentation in Room ED8 will make them visit the laboratory.


The team of Professor Pedeutour, Team leader at the IRCAN and Responsable of the Hospital Laboratory of Genetics of solid tumors, has published in The Lancet Oncology  "Clinical effect of molecular methods in sarcoma diagnosis (GENSARC): a prospective, multicentre, observational study" - March 2016.

Dr Gaël CRISTOFARI 's team has published a new relevant study entitled "Activation of individual L1 retrotransposon instances is restricted to cell-type dependent permissive loci" in eLife, March 2016 :

Dr Gilles PAGÈS, team leader at the IRCAN, is the new President of the French Asssociation for Angiogenesis :   (March 2016)

The regional newspaper "Nice-Matin" published on October 10th,  2015  - "Rares Cancers : patients, researchers, hand in hand".  The team of Professor Florence Pedeutour is starting a promising study on sarcomas, sponsored by the "Info-Sarcomes Association".

On June 25th, 2015, during the annual meeting of the French Sarcoma Group in Bordeaux, Laurence Bianchini and Florence Pedeutour received a price from the "Info-Sarcomes Association" (President Mrs Estelle Lecointe) for their research project : "La voie de signalisation cellulaire FGF/FGFR : une nouvelle cible thérapeutique dans les liposarcomes dédifférencés". All informations are available on


* The french magazine "La Recherche" published in June 2015 a report on young scientists "under 40 and representing the scientific future of the french research" (La Recherche, N° 500, Juin 2015). Among these scientists, Gaël Cristofari, Team leader at the IRCAN Institute, was cited.

* Mrs Marilena Lupu-Plesu, Marie-Curie Fellow in the team of Gilles Pagès, is in charge of the FP7 Marie-Curie VELYMPH project from the  European Commission :

“Investigation of VEGF-C involvement in the acquired metastatic properties of renal cell carcinoma following anti-angiogenesis treatments”

(Jan 2015 - Dec 2016). More details  

*  Pr Paul Hofman's Team published in Plos One (Oct 31st, 2014) an new technique permitting early diagnosis of  lung cancer :

"Sentinel circulating tumor cells allow early diagnosis of lung cancer in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease".

Authors : M Ilie, V Hofman, E Long-Mira, E Selva, JM Vignaud, B Padovani, J Mouroux, CH Marquette, P Hofman.

* Pr Eric Gilson's Team published on Oct  23rd, 2014, in Cell Reports an outstanding

discovery  :

"The telomeric protein TRF2 regulates angiogenesis by binding and activating the PDGFR-beta promoter".

Authors : M El Maï, K-D Wagner, J-F Michiels, D Ambrosetti, A Borderie, S Destree, V Renault, N Djerbi, M-J Giraud-Panis, E Gilson, N Wagner.


* June 4th, 2015.  DuPont Awards Early Career Grants to Nine Promising University

Research Leaders : Gianni Liti, Chargé de Recherche CNRS and Team Leader at the

IRCAN received the "Dupont Young Professor Award" More Details

Amine Belaid, from the IRCAN Paul Hofman's team, received a price from the PhD Student School of the Nice University for the best thesis realized in 2013. Title : "SQSTM1, une plateforme de signalisation clé contrôlant l'autophagie sélective jusqu'à la reprogrammation tumorale", Director of the thesis : Dr Baharia Mograbi.

Nice, September 2014